Vanguard Pest Control Company will search your entire property to solve your pest problem

Vanguard Pest Control Company can find pest that can be hide in places of your property that you might not go often

Our Standard Services Include:

  • Thorough inspection of your attic, garage, basement, kitchen and any place where pests commonly gain access to your home.
  • Complete inspection of the outside of your home for signs of pests.
  • Treatment of any problems or signs of trouble and a record of the work on a graph area drawing of your home/property.
  • Removal of cobwebs from areas to kill or discourage spider activity.
  • Application of a complete customized treatment to the outside of your home using Total Pest to create a barrier against pests.
  • A full report of services completed which is left for you to review after each visit.
Subterranean termites are destructive wood-eating insects and cause homeowners frustration and expense when active nest sites are found in their homes. This can be especially troublesome when selling a home. The home is a target for termites, no matter where you live. Termites that find their way through utility entry points and cracks threaten even homes built on slabs. Vanguard Pest Control Company utilizes several new termite management methods, even in your unique situation. Vanguard Pest Control Company has developed a Termite management / Pest Control system that is effective and environmentally friendly.  Vanguard Pest Control Company  technicians are continually trained in the use of all the systems including the exclusive Total Pest Protection. The Total Pest Monitoring System provides complete protection of your home from pest and termites combined with Wood Damage Warrantee - all for one price! It watches for termites 24 hours a day within the soil. As soon as termites start their attack, Vanguard Pest Control Company technicians begin theirs.
Total Pest Protection is a five step process:

Step 1. An inspection is conducted of the entire structures to determine the types of pests, where they are and conditions favorable to their presence.
Step 2. Identify the pest species and its ability to do harm. Proper identification is essential to effective pest management.
Step 3. Determine the tolerance levels of the pest to cause harm.
Step 4. Total Pest Protection stations are placed at regular intervals along the entire exterior perimeter of the structure - providing constant protection from damaging termites. Additional treatments including booming or vacuuming, caulking, foam sealing, lighting adjustment and/or baiting technology may be used as well.
Step 5. Follow-up at designated intervals with a Wood Damage Warrantee. At Vanguard Pest Control Company  we also recognize that the Total Pest Plan will not be right every time. We offer a vast array of professional termite and pest control management services to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We carefully consider each individual situation before deciding on the exact treatment method.


The professionals at Vanguard Pest Control Company  are ready to provide you with the pest management solution that is right for you.  Contact us for  your FREE Home Inspection today